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Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on the Stretchy Belt


We just love the new stretch belt.  I'm so glad we decided to give it a try.  It is soft and easy to wear. Diane wanted the rose one because she loves flowers. She loves positioning it in different parts around her waist.  She's growing fast and she finds it comfortable to wear.  Thank you for making these.

Sincerely, Janie (April 2017)

~~~'s very easy to slip on and off!

She has been really enjoying the stretchy one meaning if she goes into the closet and picks her pouch its most often the blue stretchy one or her cat one because she loves cats.

I would like the stretchy pouch to have just the one pouch with window since she rarely carries both the receiver and phone at the same time. But on the flip side I often use the second pouch for a low snack like fruit snacks or smarties. 

So what I am trying to say is at school the one pouch ones are perfect. On weekends and full day trips around town I usually utilize the second pouch for either her phone or low snacks. 

We love all the pouches you've made!! They are such a life saver, convenient, and stylish! I am not kidding when I say her friends ask their parents for them.

Terri (Jan2017)



Jack says he loves the (Stretchy Belt). In fact, he has worn it every day since he got it. We haven't even used the other ones yet.
It stretched a little but still very usable.
and I quote "It's comfortable, I don't feel it when I'm sleeping and it doesn't distract me in class. I would get this kind from now on."
Thanks! He loves it!
Pam (Jan2017)


My Daughter is an active cheerleader and she absolutely loves wearing this new lyrca belt! It is so comfortable and stays tight in place. It's super easy to slip on and off.  I would recommend this product to all! 

Michelle (Dec 2016)


We love the Lycra belt!!! Emma said it's so comfortable and soft and she loves the cheetah print. It also holds both her phone and dexcom comfortably.
Kayla (Nov 2016)

Hannah (almost 5) loves the lycra belt.
She says it is "super, super, super comfortable".
When I told her after school she could take it off, she didn't want to (usually she does)! She prefers it over the others. She loves how soft it is.
If she likes it, I like it!
Laura (Nov2016)



Some precious pumping Sweeties...

...and what their moms have to say about Too Sweet Boutique.

Our little sweetie was diagnosed last May...and everyday we learn something may be her numbers, her carbs, her "sugar" temperaments for highs or lows, etc... We also are so thankful that we have an amazing Endo for her, diabetic groups, blogs and educators to help us be better "sweet" parents...and now we are so thankful that there is Too Sweet Boutique!!! We looked all over (ALL OVER!!!) for a pump pouch for our daughter and we found that they were all made flimsy and floppy and pulled on her site and moved all over during sleep (as she is a shaker and mover)! And then we found Too Sweet Boutique...and we love the pump pouch we got from you - it is made extremely well and stays in place...even during her tossing and turning sleep patterns!!! We can not thank you enough for making a product that is so helpful to us and makes our girl so happy!!!!

Carrie & Andy

“I can't say enough about the pump pouches from Too Sweet Boutique! They are fashionable, functional and durable (even through many washes). Luckily I found this site before my daughter started pumping and I was able to have a pouch custom made in time for my daughter to wear it the day she got her pump. I also highly recommend the Add On CGM pouch.  It enables my little sweetie to have her receiver with her at all times without the risk of losing it.  I have ordered seven different pouches from Too Sweet Boutique and I have been thrilled with each one!  My daughter loves the variety of fabrics, especially the minky belts!”


"The Too Sweet Boutique pump pouch is the best decision we’ve made for our 4 year olds diabetes care, aside from the pump itself!! She can discreetly wear it and access it comfortably any time of day, from preschool to bedtime. It never comes off!"


"I just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE the pump pack you made for Adam. From the minky, soft belt to the clear window for the Dexcom and the sturdy, yet stylish is simply amazing. Adam even loves to wear it at night because it is so comfortable. I love the easy access to his Dexcom CGM and I can view it right through the window. And I love how I can take off the Dexcom pouch if he is just wearing his pump and wants to put the Dexcom in his pocket or in my purse. Thank you for making such a quality item that makes diabetes a little bit easier for our kiddos!"

“We love our Hello Kitty Pouch! Keeps A looking cute while playing with friends.”


"Charlotte and I love TooSweet pump pouches. We haven't found anything else that compares. The fabric choices are great! The design is perfect! And the quality is second to none!!!!"


"Alys is now proud to wear her pump... Too Sweet pouches are so cute and functional!"


"My little sweetie, Jacob 4 and a very important half, just loves his Too Sweet pump pouch... maybe just as much as I do!! Easy access to the pump screen, great quality fabric, looks good and made with love...cannot ask for more!! ;0)"


“What I love most about your products is they are beautiful.  Briana does not ever try to hide them, she loves to show them off.”


"Amy’s attention to quality, craftsmanship, detail, and presentation in these beautiful pump pouches are eclipsed only by her heartfelt sincerity, warm spirit and kind soul.”


"Olivia absolutely loves her Too Sweet pouches. Her favorite is "rocker girl"! We love Too Sweet. They stay in place and can keep up with a highly active 7 year old. They are adorable! They are extremely durable and sturdy. The clear front is so convenient. Most of all we love that all of Olivia's Too Sweet pouches make her feel great. TOO SWEET ROCKS!"


"We have two Too Sweet Boutique pump pouches that we swap back and forth and she wears them all the time (even in bed).  We love them! I especially love the clear window allowing me to check history and make minor changes without taking it out of the pouch (especially at night).  I know of at least one other mom who has ordered after seeing Sarah’s pouch."


"Our little girl loves her simply practical pouch. It lies flat against her body with no bouncing or bulkiness. It is adorable, stylish, and perfect for our sweetie pie."

"The fanny pack (and the pump) have been a life giver for our granddaughter--what you do matters!!!"
Rebecca Sassenrath, ACC, CTC
ReaLife Coaching
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