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Too Sweet Boutique offer these individually hand-made products available for order. Please contact me to request anything different that will fit your needs.  


Fabric Front Insulin Pump Pouches in cotton fabrics.

Fabric front IE



Clear Front Insulin Pump Pouch in Cotton Fabrics

Clear Front IE



Two Pouches Side by Side - a belted pouch plus an "add-on" pouch that slides on and off the belt - in Cotton fabrics.

(add on pouches are to be ordered seperately)

Insulin Pump Pouch with a Second Clear Front Removable Add-On Pouch for a Dexcom CGM Receiver.

or a Removable iPhone Pouch (available in clear or fabric front styles)

Add on IE

The Duo Pouch (Available in Cotton Fabrics)

An alternative option to the above mentioned "pump pouch plus add-on pouch".   

2 zippered pouches are connected back to back so you can hold 2 devices.  The front pouch is a clear front and the back pouch is all fabric.  Example combination are:

- Dexcom Receiver(front) and Pump(back) 

- Pump (front) and Phone (back)

- Pump (front) and Pocket to hold sugars (back)


Design your own combination.

Duo Pouch IE


The iPhone Pouch (cotton fabric)

in Fabric Front or Clear Front with belt or as an "add-on" pouch.

(add on pouches are ordered seperately)

iphone pouch

The Stretchy Belt

Comfortable Stretch slip on Lycra Spandex Belt.  Hold 1 or 2 devices.

Stretchy Belt


*Cheetah - 1 Window holds 2 devices (Dexcom CGM/iphone5)

*Black - 1 Window for Pump

*Orchid Stripe - 1 Window for iphone5

*Purple Sparkle - 2 Windows (Front/Back) for Pump and Dexcom CGM

*Turquoise - 2 Windows (Side by Side) for Dexcom CGM / iphone5

*Rose - 1 Window

*Camo - 1 Window

*Navy Blue - 1 Window

18" Doll Pouch

Doll pouches

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