Measuring Tips

Too Sweet belts are semi-adjustable with 2-3”of extra Velcro and elastic that will provide some stretch.

A current measurement is important for the best fit.


Most kids wear their pouch below their natural waist, closer to their hips. Here are some tips for measuring your child.


Waist measurement. (not ideal for most kids!)


This will work if you have a little one who wears a pouch around their natural waist. (right across the belly button) Or if you plan to keep the pouch hidden under clothing and you want it snug.

The measurement shown is 26”

But if they wear the pump lower, around their hips, then you should measure here.

Hip measurement


This measurement is about 28,” so 2" larger than her waist.

This is the perfect place to measure for most kids.

*If your child's measurement is 20" or smaller, please measure over their clothing and/or diaper for the best fit.

If you don’t have a measuring tape you can use a string or ribbon.


Mark the spot where they overlap.


Then measure the ribbon it with a ruler, yard stick or other measuring tape.


 Since my daughter wears her pouches on her hips, 28” is perfect for her and there is plenty of stretch to wear them over her clothes.


I hope this helps you measure for a perfect fit for your sweetie too!